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What is google AdWords: It is difficult to find a person in the world who does not know the name “Google”. The name Google is deeply involved in our lives. Because, if we don’t know anything, we ask Google. Millions of people are using Google every day. Google is basically a search engine. In a very short time, Google brings us the desired results. Today we will know what is google ads account, what is google ads, how does google ads work, make money with google ads etc.

what is google adwords

What is google AdWords :

Google Ads was formerly known as Google AdWords. Google Advertising is basically an advertising platform. Google Ads was founded on October 23, 2000.

Google Ads is a bid platform. Promoting your company to millions of people around the world at low cost is possible through Google Ads.

You need to select the payment for the keyword you want to run the campaign for. For example, you select 5$ to run a campaign and spend a maximum of 1$ per day. Then Google will run your campaign 24 hours a day. That means five days will cost 1 dollar. Then your campaign lasted for five days. When you run out of 5, Google will close your campaign. That’s why Google currently displays Ads according to your budget. At present they carry daily payments. But in the past Google used to have monthly payments.

How does google ads work?

Google Advertising depends on you. This means that as long as you have a balance, your campaign will continue. When your account runs out of balance, Google will close your campaign. Even then, there are various questions about Google Ads. Let’s not know, how does google ads work?

First of all, how Google’s payment system works. They currently carry daily payments. Although in the past they used to take monthly payments. But as a result, small businesses continue to suffer losses. As a result, Google changed their system and introduced daily payment options.

Google Advertising works on two things. Keywords are used to indicate cookies and ads to understand user intent. The reason for using cookies is that the advertiser’s ad goes to the right customer. When we search on Google, the keywords we search for, those keywords Google keeps to itself. Later, when Google displays ads on various websites, if the keywords that people search for match with your campaign, then Google displays your ads on their website.

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So one of the things you need to know about Google campaigns is keyword research. You must first select a keyword to launch the campaign. This is because when people search with the keyword you choose, Google will display your ad. Suppose you turn on a laptop ad. Now if you launch the ad with the keyword “new laptop”, then the user will see your ad when they search by typing “new laptop”.

But there remains a problem. For example, there are different brands of laptops. When people search for a new Dell laptop, your ads may not show. So you need to specify what kind of keyword your ad will show. However, you will get two options to display ads. One is text and the other is image. You can set up ads in these two ways.

You will get the option to set the title and description of the ad customly. Then you have to set the right budget and ad running time. So keyword research is important for setting up Google Ad.

So we already know what Google ads and how it works.

How to make money with google ads?

A common question is how to make money with google ads. Let’s not know if it is really possible to earn money through Google Ads. 

There are two ways we can earn money from Google Ads. One is freelancing and the other is affiliate marketing.

what is google ads

Earn money from google ads as a freelancer:

The Google campaign is an important issue. If you do a Google campaign with the right keywords, your ad will show to the targeted customer. In this case, targeting the customer is also an important issue. In other words, Google ads placement is an important issue. Many of us want to display ads on Google but have no idea about keyword research, targeted customers. For this, jobs are available online. There are plenty of online Google ads jobs online.

Then we realized that it is possible to earn money from google at home.

Money from google ads as a Affiliate Marketer: 

Affiliate marketing is very profitable. You need to open an account on an affiliate website that will pay more. After opening the account, you have to set up an ad campaign on that offer and promote it.

In place of the ad URL, you have to give the affiliate link of your offer. If a visitor clicks on that ad, he or she will be redirected to the affiliate link you provided. This way you can easily earn online income through affiliate marketing through Google Ads.

In the above article we have learned the details of what Google ads are and how google ads work. We also learned What is google AdWords. It is possible to build your own career only if you can learn Google Ads well. If you have any further questions about Google Ads please let us know in the comment box. Thank you.

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