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The Victory Day Paragraph for hsc and others: Dear students, today we will know The Victory Day Paragraph for class 8. This paragraph will be very useful in our exam. We also wrote this paragraph in the light of creativity. So you will benefit a lot.

victory day paragraph

1. The Victory Day Paragraph for hsc & others

The word victory means achievement. The only thing that can be achieved as a result of suffering is victory. Victory Day has a lot of significance. December 16 is our Victory Day. After nine months of war, we got our freedom.

As we get independence on December 16, this is the day we celebrate. On this day we get victory. So we celebrate Victory Day in memory of those whose sacrifices we have won. At that time, Bangladesh was part of Pakistan. But we had a larger majority. However, in many ways, we were lagging behind. such as education, culture, social, political, economic, etc. So the Bengali people did not accept this discrimination. On the economic front, this disparity was even more widespread. As a high-ranking official, the people of East Pakistan had fewer opportunities. So the people of East Pakistan started the movement. This movement has intensified since the independence of Sheikh Mujib. The peasant community of Bengal, teachers, students, daily wagers all participated in this movement. But this movement took the form of war. The war lasted about nine months. Then the Pakistanis lost to the courage of the Bengalis. They agreed to recognize East Pakistan as a separate territory. As a result, independent Bangladesh was born. On December 16, the Army Chief of Pakistan surrendered to us. As a result, Bangladesh has been placed on the world map. Bangladesh emerged with a new conviction. That’s why December 16 is our victory day.

So the significance of this day is a lot. We remember the 16th of December with deep respect for the people of the nation who died fighting. We need to use their inspiration. Therefore, Victory Day is important in the national life of Bengalis.

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2. The victory day paragraph for class 8 & others

To achieve something is called victory. Remembering victory on the day of victory is called victory day. Every year we celebrate our Victory Day on December 16. Because on December 16, we got the victory.

The importance of Victory Day in Bengali national life is immense. Because after almost nine months of war, we got victory on this day. There is a history behind it. History is neither forgotten nor erased. Present-day Bangladesh was then part of Pakistan. It was called East Pakistan. The population of East Pakistan was 56% of Pakistan, but in many respects we were lagging behind. Such as in the field of education, in the economic field, in the social field, etc. Most of the total budget was spent in West Pakistan. But why this discrimination? Various Bengalis have spoken out against this discrimination at different times. But it didn’t help. Then there were various movements. It didn’t help either. So the Bengalis began to realize that there was no alternative but to fight. On March 26, 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared independence. Then the Bengalis joined the movement. They get new inspiration. With new power, they are exercising their rights. As a result, the war began. Many people lost their lives in the war. A lot of families are missing. A lot of mothers lose their children. That is, after a terrible war, on December 16, 1971, we got victory. On this day, the chief of the Army of Pakistan surrendered to us. They took back all their soldiers. Therefore, this land is liberated from the invaders. A new state was born. A new country appears on the map of the world. they have taken the place of those who fight. His name is Bangladesh. So on December 16, we celebrate Victory Day.

We should keep victory day in our minds. Working for the country with the inspiration of victory and working for the people of the country. To deeply remember those who laid down their lives for the country. Victory Day is important in our lives.

The Victory Day Paragraph for hsc & others End

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