Most powerful telescope ‘James Webb’ was sent-Read the full story

Telescope James Webb: A telescope or telescope is used to see a distant object. Telescopes are made with the help of lenses and mirrors. Radiation, collection and analysis of any distant object can be done through a telescope. We don’t know much about space. So this time the most powerful telescope was sent into space.

telescope 'James Webb'

Sending telescopes into space is not new. Different countries send telescopes into space. But this time the most powerful telescope was sent into space. The name of that telescope is ‘James Webb’. The telescope was sent from the French Guiana Space Center in South America. The largest telescope ever sent into space is the ‘James Webb’.

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This telescope has a golden mirror about 600 meters wide. It is named after one of the architects of the United States. There is currently a telescope in space called Hubble. Scientists say James Webb will be the successor to this telescope. It will be possible to see all the places that have not been seen before.

The James Webb telescope is about three times larger than Hubble. It is also about 100 times more powerful. Telescopes cost tens of billions of dollars to build. The US research agency NASA led the creation of James Webb. Engineers from other companies have also worked.

Various scientists are speculating that the purpose of sending the telescope will be realized this time. That means the most powerful telescope ever sent. Now we have to wait to know the capabilities of the telescope. On our website we keep up to date with the latest science news. So stay with us.

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