Racism paragraph for class 11 and all classes

Racism paragraph for class 11: Dear students, the paragraph is very important in the exam. So today we will know the racism paragraph. I hope you understand the paragraph well. We have tried to write the racism paragraph in simple language.

Paragraphs have to be written in a small way. In various experiments, however, it tells how many words this paragraph has to be written in. However, in the case of maximums, the paragraph has to be written between 250 to 300 words or 300 to 400 words. Although the paragraph is to be written in a smaller form, the fulfilling concept should be included. The structure of a paragraph is given below:

  • Beginning / Preface
  • Body
  • End / Closure

Racism paragraph for class 11

Racism means discrimination. There is discrimination on the basis of caste. That is, racism is a kind of view in which it is believed that people are divided into many groups and that one group may be higher and lower than another group for various reasons. The group that is developed will rule the lower group.

Racism can be defined in many different ways. For example, racism occurs on the basis of skin color, group, regionalism, etc. Those who look black in different countries are denied various opportunities. They are looked down upon. It’s also a form of racism. That is, if a person’s behavior is controlled by race or race, it is racism. The saddest part is that racism has led to wars in different countries. Even in the era of this civilization, there are many complaints about racism in different countries. But we know them as civilized. So it’s time to say no to racism. We have to remember that we can’t control skin color or group.

It’s born. Therefore, no one in society should be underestimated. If we create divisions on the basis of this, it is racism. A lot of people have talked about racism. Many have protested. Former Chilean president Bachelet said the apartheid system could not be allowed to continue. Another prominent leader against racism is Desmond Tutu. He has protested against white rule in South Africa. Another such undisputed leader is Nelson Mandela. Who has talked about racism for most of his life. Worked to eradicate racism from society. So even in our society, we should all say no to racism. Everyone should be equal as a human being.

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Dear students, we hope that you have read and understood our racism paragraph. A lot of people don’t understand in some places. So let us know by commenting on where you have trouble understanding. Stay with us to get more paragraphs like racism paragraphs. Thank you.

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