price hike paragraph in 150 words, 200, for hsc, ssc and others

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Price hike paragraph in 150 words

When the price of a commodity goes up a lot, we call it a price hike. Prices of goods vary in different countries. The price of goods is determined mainly by considering the economic condition of a country. But when the common people of the country are struggling to buy the price of goods at that price, it is called price hike. One of the reasons for the price hike is corruption and inflation. Inflation occurs when the amount of various foreign debts becomes too high. Besides, due to corruption, the amount of a country’s reserves decreases. As a result, the government of that country increased the price of various products to increase the amount of reserves. As a result, the price of goods increases to an unbearable level. As a result, the middle class and poor people are the most affected. When the price hikes, the price of every daily necessity in the country increases. For this, everyone needs to work and build a corruption-free country.

price hike paragraph for class 6, hsc and all classes

When the price of essential commodities increases at a higher rate, it is called the price hike. Rising commodity prices is nothing new. The prices of various things are constantly increasing. The increase in the prices of various commodities has a much greater impact on the general public life. This is especially serious in the case of least developed countries. People can’t meet their basic needs properly. In particular, the suffering of people in meeting the demand for food products is unbearable. As a result, the number of child labor and daily wagers is increasing. Instead of studying, children are moving towards labor. In this case, no matter how much you understand the importance of education, there will be no benefit. Because first you need food in the stomach. First of all, the country’s economic situation is not good. Secondly, the price of goods is rising a lot. As a result, it is natural that the amount of child labour will increase. The condition of the middle class is bad. They are also threatened. On the other hand, the increase in the price of houses, and on the other, the rise in the price of goods has made their lives unbearable. If we look at the government budget, then we can easily understand the picture of the increase in the price of commodities.

The price of everything is increasing every year. There are several reasons for price rise. such as inflation. If the country’s economy is not able to keep pace with inflation, then the prices of various commodities will increase. Production inadequacy is another reason. Most of the world’s countries are agricultural countries. Especially 80 per cent of the people of our country are dependent on agriculture. But there are very few practical initiatives in agriculture. As a result, production is falling and prices are going up. Extortion is a major factor in price rise. At different times, the prices of various commodities increase as the extortionists charge more money. In addition, many times various items are stored. As a result, there is a shortage of goods. As a result, the price of various products naturally increases. Some unscrupulous traders store various items. They do not look at the interests of the people but they look at their own interests. Lack of market control is one of the reasons for the rise in commodity prices.

It is necessary to determine the price of the product produced and determine the market price. It also needs to be monitored. If the market is not monitored properly, then unscrupulous traders will increase the price at will. This requires government intervention. Strikes, Political instability etc. occur at different times. As a result, goods cannot move from one region to another properly. As a result, commodity prices increase. Apart from this, due to various natural disasters, the price of various products increases. I’ve already mentioned the syndicate. Apart from this, the government’s indifference has a big impact on the rise in commodity prices.

However, if the price of goods increases, it has an adverse effect on normal public life. As a result, normal life is disrupted. People can’t manage their normal lives.

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