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Pohela boishakh paragraph for hsc: Pohela Boishakh carries the importance of national and cultural life of Bengalis. Every year on the first day of the month of Baishakh, Bengalis celebrate the first Baishakh. Today we will discuss about pohela boishakh paragraph for ssc. Hopefully this paragraph will be useful in your exam.

Pohela boishakh paragraph for hsc & all

In our country, the fair that takes place at the beginning of the Bengali New Year or on the first Baishakh is called Baisakhi Mela. Bangladesh is a country of festivals. One of the many festivals of this country is the first Baishakh. The fair organized on this day is called baisakhi mela. People of all classes, irrespective of caste and religion, celebrate this day. However, it is not known exactly when and who started this Baisakhi mela.

There is a huge crowd of buyers, sellers and visitors at the Baisakhi fair. Sometimes the sound of the bashi spreads in the direction. There is a huge pandal on one side of the fair. There are yatras, pala, bhatiyali, bhawaiya, baul, circus, puppet dance etc. You can also find essential items. There are also a variety of delicacies available in the fair. The Bengali New Year holds the tradition of rural Bengal. Basically, the Baisakhi Fair is organized in such a way that thousands of years of history and tradition of Bengalis can be reflected there. So those who want to know about history also gather at the Baisakhi fair. It is difficult to understand without seeing the beautiful sight of the Baisakhi fair. Many people buy various items from the Baisakhi Fair. Because a lot of products can be bought at a low price. A variety of desserts, yummy foods, fruits, furniture, earthen pots, toys, doll items, clothing, etc. are available at the Baisakhi Fair. The joy of the baisakhi fair is at a unique height. People want to know history. Out of interest in knowing, they travel to different places. Baisakhi is one of the fairs to know the history and culture of Bengalis. Therefore, The Baisakhi Mela has become a national festival of Bengalis.

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At present, baisakhi melas are organized in almost every district by government and private initiatives. The first Baishakh actually brings joy to the minds of Bengalis. In particular, there is a new enthusiasm in the minds of traders. Therefore, the first Baishakh holds the importance of the national life of the Bengalis.

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