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Paragraph tree plantation for class 8: Through today’s post, we will know the paragraph tree plantation for class 9-10. The tree is our best friend. Today’s tree plantation paragraph for hsc is very important to realize the importance of trees. Apart from this, the tree plantation paragraph for class 8 will be of great benefit to you in any exam.

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Paragraph tree plantation for ssc & all

The tree is man’s best friend. The usefulness of the tree for maintaining the balance of the earth is immense. But we destroy forests to establish civilization and to make ourselves so-called civilized. As a result, we are seeing adverse reactions from nature.

Climate change is being created. Whose influence exists all over the world. About 25% of that country’s forest cover is required to balance the environment. But today such statistics are inadequate in any country. The relationship of our existence with the tree exists. We need trees for our lives and livelihoods. Trees provide food for all animals. Trees can make their food in the process of photosynthesis. As a result, he bears fruit. That’s the fruit we eat. It also absorbs carbon dioxide in the process of respiration and releases oxygen. That’s the oxygen we take in. Without oxygen, we cannot imagine life for a moment.

Trees cool down the earth. It controls various natural disasters such as floods, rain, storms, etc. It maintains the balance of nature. Trees make the soil fertile. By preventing the effects of greenhouses, it makes the earth habitable. If the tree dies, then we get much from the tree. I get a lot of wood. Through this, it is possible to create furniture, fuel, housing, boats, launches, railway sleepers, etc. Various herbal plants help in curing diseases. Today, Unani medicine is gaining great popularity in the world. The main principle of Unani treatment is the herbal plant. But sadly, the truth is that we are currently killing a lot of trees.

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As a result, the balance of our environment is being disturbed. As a result, climate change is seen. As a result, there is untimely rain, drought, etc. As a result, the earth’s temperature is increasing. As a result, the sea level is increasing. The snow is melting. As a result, the lowlands are flooded. It is estimated that two-thirds of the earth’s landmass will soon be submerged in water. So tree-planting is more necessary to maintain the balance of our environment. We need to plant more trees. Some of the things we can do for the development of forest land are: We need to create new forests. Indiscriminate deforestation should be prevented Various projects such as:

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electricity, nuclear, etc. should not be done near the forest area. We need to increase people’s awareness. Ensuring that trees are not cut down to collect wood from the forest To ensure that more than the number of trees that are destroyed every year is planted Planting a tree plantation campaign once a month Encouraging students The tree is our best friend. We need to remember this at all times. It is not possible to end with the benefits of the tree. But we don’t remember that benefit. I cut down trees indiscriminately. When you are tired in the summer, you can’t buy the benefits that the shade of the tree will do to you for crores of rupees. So we should all plant more trees. I will not only plant, I will encourage others to plant. It may be necessary to cut down trees for various purposes. However, if one tree is cut down, two trees will have to be planted to make up for the loss. We will never be able to live in a world without trees. Will we build big buildings but not plant trees? Then we will die of various diseases. So we should focus on planting trees for survival.

The plantation is necessary for state development, economic development, personal development, or livelihood. Trees have to be planted not only in Government or private enterprises but also by private initiatives.

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