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paragraph traffic jam for class 9-10: Today we will read the paragraph traffic jam for class 8 and others. Traffic jams are harmful to all. By reading today’s traffic jam in Dhaka city paragraph, we will find out about traffic jam disadvantages. Likewise, we will find out how to reduce traffic jams.

traffic jam paragraph

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Traffic jam paragraph for hsc and others

A traffic jam means that there is no space to drive on the road due to excessive traffic. That is, the vehicles are stationary for hours. In today’s world, the population is growing. So the number of vehicles is increasing day by day. But the number of roads is not increasing. As a result, the number of vehicles on the road is increasing. As a result, traffic jams are created.

  • For any man, for any country, traffic jams are a curse. Traffic jams waste our time. Sometimes people get sick on the street. Also, all the damage caused by traffic jams are:
  • It is not possible to reach office-court, school-college on time.
  • The patient may die on the way to the hospital.
  • If there is a fire somewhere in the city, the fire service can’t come at the right time, there is a problem in transporting the ambulance.
  • A lot of time is wasted.
  • Excessive traffic congestion can lead to serious accidents.
  • Additional fuel is being consumed due to traffic congestion. As a result, the national reserve is damaged.
  • More toxic types of smoke are being emitted from the vehicles. As a result, the environment is polluted.
  • Different types of diseases are being created.

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Traffic congestion is by no means acceptable to us. If we calculate, it can be seen that most of the time in our lives is taken away by the traffic jam. So we need to work on reducing the traffic jam. All the things we can do are:

Non-licensed vehicles should be stopped. The road has to be repaired so that vehicles can move freely. The number of two-wheeler buses should be increased by limiting the number of vehicles. We need to try to reduce the number of private cars. Illegal shops on the side of the road should be evicted so that the amount of roads increases. The number of traffic police should be increased. The traffic police have to be properly trained. Since the number of people is increasing day by day, flyovers, over bridges, etc. have to be constructed on roads. Roads have to be built according to the plan. Parking on the road should be banned. We also need to raise everyone’s awareness. For this reason, various reports on the malfunctioning of traffic jams in newspapers, TV, etc. have to be made. Where passengers can’t be picked up in the car. You have to stop at a specific place. Traffic jams are never acceptable to us. So we all need to work on reducing traffic jams.

Traffic jam paragraph for class 9-10 pdf: here

Traffic jams are a big problem in terms of our assured living. Although traffic jams are a complex problem, it will be possible to eradicate them very easily through the patience, sincerity, and systematic efforts of all. In The Greater Interest Of The Country And The Nation, Everyone Has To Make This Determination.

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I hope you understand the paragraph traffic jam for class 8 very well. Traffic Jam is a major problem for any country. So we have to conscious to prevent traffic jam. Stay with us to get more writing material like paragraph, letter, CV and others. We will all consciously work to reduce traffic jams. Hopefully, the traffic jam in Dhaka City paragraph will help increase your awareness.

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