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paragraph on mobile phone 120 words: Today we will learn about the paragraph on mobile phone for class 6. The mobile phone paragraph for hsc is a very important paragraph today. By reading the paragraph on mobile phone, you will learn about the benefits and harmful aspects of mobile phones.

mobile phone paragraph

Paragraph on mobile phone for class 8 & all

The stage of evolution comes from civilization. The word is the sum of the human race’s intellect, talent, and experience. At different stages of human civilization, mankind has created various wonders. New discoveries are being made for the benefit of science. Similarly, the amazing discovery of science is the mobile phone. What we can call Aladdin’s magic lamp. A mobile phone is a wireless telephone. Which is easily portable and can be easily spoken from one end of the world to the other.

A mobile phone or cellular phone or handphone is a wireless telephone special. “Mobile” is the English word for which the Bengali synonym is ‘mobile’ or ‘transferable’. Mobile phones have made our lives dynamic. Today, a mobile phone is a small computer. Everything can be done through mobile. That’s what we call a smartphone. It has a variety of uses. Such as:

The importance of mobile as a means of communication is immense. Today, mobile phones are the means of communication. The use of mobile phones is excessive for important information to reach certain places on time. It has become a single village in today’s world. It’s what we call the Global Village. This has been made possible mainly through the use of information technology and the internet. Through mobile phones, we can easily take advantage of information technology by using the Internet. Various services are currently available through mobile phones. Services such as a doctor, administrative, etc. We can get through mobile phones. Mobile phones also contribute to social development. Awareness about the economic, educational system, family planning, natural disasters, etc. can be made through mobile. Because mobile phones are easy to use. There is a lot of use of mobile phones in the world. So through mobile phones, we can easily provide services to people.

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Audio and video calls can also be made through mobile phones. Google’s services are available through mobile phones. Most of the desktop or laptop work can be done through a smartphone. So mobile phones are an integral part of us.

But just as mobile phones have benefits, there are disadvantages on the contrary. Now we will know about the evils of mobile phones. The most harmful or harmful aspect is the degradation of the youth. They are easily accessing various types of harmful websites by using the internet. As a result, they are suffering from moral degradation. It is possible to get news about the current education system on mobile phones. So students are buying mobile phones from their parents. But after that, the parents are not aware of the purpose for which they are using the mobile phone. As a result, the moral character of the students is deteriorating. Crimes like juvenile crimes are being organized through them. Which is responsible for creating social degradation. Small children are having eye problems while playing games on mobile phones and their mental problems are increasing. They are getting addicted to mobile phones. Money is also wasted using mobile phones.

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In order to buy the internet and buy a good mobile phone, many people choose the path of theft or robbery. Different types of crime are on the rise. For example, snatching, extortion, drug trade, etc. Mobile phones are very helpful in increasing cybercrime. Also a waste of time. Mobile phones waste too much time. So as there are benefits of mobile phones, there are harmful aspects. If we can’t remove the harmful aspects, then mobile phones can be a threat to us.

In the end, it is very useful for mobile phones. However, keeping in mind its harmful aspects, we need to use mobile phones.

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