Paragraph on load shedding-Load shedding paragraph for class 8,9,10 all

Paragraph on load shedding for class 6 and all: Today we will know the paragraph on load shedding for class 7. Load shedding is harmful to everyone. So we will discuss its harmful aspects in this paragraph and learn how to remedy them. Hopefully, the load shedding paragraph for hsc for class 8 and others will benefit us a lot.

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Paragraph on load shedding for class 9-10 & all

When power generation is less than the demand, the power supply is kept off in some areas, and in other areas, the power supply is kept on, so that the whole system does not shut down. This condition is called load shedding.

Electricity is the main driving force of modern civilization. Today is the age of information and technology. The internet has made the whole world a global village. Behind this is the contribution of electricity. Electricity keeps the whole system running. Load shedding is harmful to the country. Dimensions Excessive load shedding dilutes the contribution of electricity. Load shedding occurs for a variety of reasons. The main reason, however, is insufficient production. Also, the reasons that can cause load shedding are:

Load shedding paragraph for class 6 pdf: here

  • Invalid connection 
  • Wastage of electricity 
  • Lack of proper synchronizing
  • Lack of underground power lines
  • Installing faulty devices
  • Negligence in annual commissioning and maintenance
  • Lack of awareness etc. 
  • As a result, there is a possibility of various types of damage. Such as: 
  • Load shedding at night may lead to miscreants pursuing evil intentions, disrupting students’ studies 
  • It has a serious impact on hospitals. 
  • The country’s economy is damaged.
  • Industrial production is disrupted and financial losses are incurred

The amount of load shedding is increasing day by day. But we’re all having harmful effects. Let’s take your exam tomorrow. There has been load shedding before. So you can’t study. So we should reduce load shedding. We need to do some work to reduce load shedding. Such as:

The first thing is the right production: the amount of demand, if the production is not that amount, then it is not possible to stop load shedding in any way. For this, the proper production and proper use of electricity must be ensured. If you have 10 tk, if you spend 10 tk, then you will have a deficit. So the amount of electricity that will be generated, we have to make moderate use of it. This requires proper use of electricity and proper production. 

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Second, we need to stop wasting electricity. We don’t stay at home a lot of the time. But I leave the lights, fans, refrigerators, and other electrical objects on. As a result, electricity is wasted. If many people waste like this, then it is not possible to reduce load shedding no matter how much the overall production.

You have to try to produce using all the sources of electricity available. The price should be fixed for the proper use of electricity so that everyone can stop wasting electricity. The government has to work to raise public awareness through the media. Various plays, poems, songs, etc. can be organized on the evils of load shedding. Above all, it is also necessary to try to increase the production of electricity. 

Electricity is an essential commodity in today’s world. Without electricity, we will not be able to make proper use of information technology. This can cause damage to the economy. In addition, the extent of its damage to public life is immense. So We Should All Reduce Load Shedding.

I hope you all understand the paragraph on load shedding for class 6. This load shedding paragraph for class 8,9,10,hsc,ssc and othersapplies to any class. You can let me know of any of your comments. Thanks for reading the paragraph on load shedding in Bangladesh.

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