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One of the most popular names in Bangladesh recently is the Padma Bridge. The Padma Bridge is going to be one of the Important installations in Bangladesh. The Padma Bridge has long been a name for the aspirations of the people of Bangladesh. But the speculation and speculation about the Padma Bridge has not gone down well. However, it is expected that the Padma Bridge will be inaugurated in the current year i.e. on June 25, 2022. The Padma Bridge is a multi-purpose road and rail bridge built over the Padma river. The Districts of Shariatpur and Madaripur will be connected with Munshiganj through the Padma Bridge. The length of the Padma Bridge is 6.1 50 km and the width of the Padma is 18.10 meters. The bridge is the largest bridge in Bangladesh. Earlier in 2008-09, the World Bank rejected the contract to invest in the Padma Bridge on corruption charges. This also led to other agencies withdrawing their arguments. After that, the Government of Bangladesh planned to build the Padma Bridge with their own funds.

The original design of the Padma Bridge is made by AECOM. The work on the Padma Bridge is basically divided into five parts. Initially there was a problem of piling to build the Padma bridge. In particular, the construction engineers had trouble finding the soil under the Padma river. Normal soil was not found at the bottom. For this, engineers set up pillars by creating new soil in an artificial process at the bottom of the river. The cost of the construction of the Padma Bridge is 30,193.39 crore. These expenses include construction of bridge infrastructure, river governance, link roads, land acquisition, rehabilitation and environment, salaries and allowances, etc. The Padma Bridge has economic importance. The Padma Bridge will connect the south-western part of the country through a specific route through mawa-jazira point. Therefore, padma setu will make a significant contribution in the social, economic and industrial sectors. The construction of the Padma Bridge will benefit more than 30 million people of Bangladesh. If this bridge is constructed, the GDP can grow up to 1.2%.

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padma setu paragraph

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padma setu paragraph

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