Dhaka Metro rail paragraph hsc, class 6 & all- metro rail pdf

metro rail paragraph for class 6: Dear students, the paragraph is very important in the exam. So today we will know the metro rail paragraph for hsc. I hope you understand the paragraph well. We have tried to write the Dhaka metro rail paragraph for admission in simple language.

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Dhaka Metro rail paragraph for hsc & others

It was planned to set up a metro rail to ease traffic congestion in the capital Dhaka. The first rapid transit system was introduced in London in 1863. Dhaka is a city of traffic congestion. A lot of time is wasted every day in traffic. The number of people in Dhaka is constantly increasing. At the same time, the number of vehicles is increasing. But the number of roads remains the same. How can so many vehicles be on the road? For this reason, it was not possible to do a lot of planning and to remove the traffic congestion in Dhaka. Therefore, metro rail is an incredible project to reduce the traffic congestion in Dhaka. The metro rail project has been implemented since 2016. It will be managed by Dhaka Mass Transit. The project will cost $22,000 million to implement.

For this, the loan will be provided by Japan’s JICA Company. They will provide about 75 percent of the loans. Apart from this, the amount of government funding for the metro rail project is 5,390 crore rupees. That’s 25 percent of the total cost. The first one will be Uttara- Motijheel. The length of the first phase is 20.10 kilometers. About 24 trains run in the first phase. The metro rail mainly runs through electrical energy. So the metro rail will consume about 13.47 MW of electricity per hour. Five substations will be constructed for this amount of electricity. The second phase of metro rail is 4.40 km. It is expected that the metro rail will be operational very soon. It is expected that with the opening of the metro rail, the traffic congestion in Dhaka will be reduced to a great extent. The metro rail has already undergone a trial run. Metro rail has an importance in its economy. So above all, metro rail will benefit us from all sides. The metro rail from Uttara to Motijheel will take only 40 minutes. Metro rail will save $2.4 billion every year, which is equivalent to 1.5 percent of the GDP. Apart from this, a lot of people will be required to run the metro rail. This will create new jobs. So the metro rail will not only help us in decongesting traffic, but also economically.

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