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junk food paragraph for hsc: Dear students, the paragraph is very important in the exam. So today we will know the junk food paragraph for hsc and others. I hope you understand the paragraph well. We have tried to write the junk food paragraph for class 8 in simple language.

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junk food paragraph for hsc and others

Junk food is a type of artificial food that contains high amount of harmful substances like fat, salt, carbonate, etc. For example: burgers, pizzas, potato chips, chocolates, etc. The word junk means garbage. Junk food is low in nutrients and is high in fat content. It contains high fat, etc., which is very harmful to the body. Junk food is available at various food courts along the road. Since junk food is available along the road, it can contain various viruses. Especially on the road, the smoke of vehicles can mix. That’s why junk food is harmful. It also reduces our digestive system. Hunger arises. Due to junk food, the body weight increases abnormally. Appendicite can be seen. The disease is especially prevalent in people between the ages of 10 and 30. This is because they eat less vegetables and eat more junk food.

Since junk food contains a lot of fat and sugar, junk food can damage teeth and skin. Since these foods are stored in hotels or restaurants for a long time, it can lead to stomach ailments. In addition to this, it can lead to diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes. The number of obese people is constantly increasing due to junk food. Due to junk food, the amount of sugar in the blood increases. The amount of insulin secretion decreases. As a result, type-2 diabetes increases the risk of heart disease, painful neurological damage, kidney damage, Alzheimer’s. Junk food has less iron content. As a result, the development of the brain is hampered. Due to which students cannot concentrate on studies. Since junk food is not a balanced food, we should give up. But sadly, the popularity of true junk food is increasing day by day. That’s why our future generations may suffer from malnutrition. So everyone, including the family, has to keep an eye on it. We will avoid junk food, eat a balanced diet.

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