How to make money from youtube in 2022? The Complete Guideline

Today we will know, How to make money from youtube? Hopefully, after reading the entire article, you will get all the information about YouTube Income. This article is very useful for those who want to become a new YouTuber.

YouTube is currently one of the means of earning money. We upload videos on YouTube. YouTube displays ads on our videos. Through this, we get income from YouTube. Currently billions of people use YouTube. We prefer to watch videos. There are almost all kinds of videos on YouTube. It can be said that everything is inside one. YouTube has become our daily medium. As we upload more videos, YouTube pays us. That means we can earn money by uploading videos on YouTube. However, there are some conditions for this. Which we will know step by step. First, we will know how to make money on YouTube.

How is the income on YouTube?

YouTube pays through AdSense. Before getting AdSense, you must first turn on YouTube Monetization. There are certain conditions for YouTube Monetization to be turned on. When your YouTube is monetized, you will add your YouTube channel to an AdSense account. As a result, your money will be transferred to the AdSense account. Then you can withdraw it. So now the question is how to get YouTube monetization?

YouTube terms and conditions for monetization 2022:

  • The YouTube channel must have 1000 subscribers within a year.
  • 4000 hours of watch time in a year should be in your videos.
  • YouTube guidelines cannot be violated.
  • There can be no copyright in the video. Even the audio you use in the video cannot have any copyright.

You need to meet the above conditions to get monetized. Then you have to apply. YouTube will review your channel based on your application. If all goes well then monetization will give you. From then on, ads will be displayed on your videos. But after you get monetized, if you violate the terms of YouTube, your monetization may go off. For this, the conditions must always be complied with. In particular, there can be no copyright.

We assume you’ve got monetization. Now we will know about the ways how to make money from youtube.

Earnings from YouTube Monetization or Google AdSense:

The most popular way to earn money from YouTube is YouTube Monetization or Google Adsense. Your YouTube income will start when you get monetized. You will then add your channel to a Google AdSense account. Then your YouTube income will be transferred to your Google Adsense account. YouTube will display ads on your videos once you get monetized. As a result, visitors will see ads. Will click on the ad. Some ads cannot be skipped. Depending on your video quality and your views, ads may show more or less. To understand how much money you can earn through YouTube Monetization, you need to know CPC, Traffic Country, Keywords, and CPM. Which we said in another post. You can read from here. The first thought of those who work with YouTube is to earn income from YouTube monetization. So the most popular way to earn income from YouTube is income from YouTube monetization.

Income from YouTube through affiliate:

Nowadays affiliate marketing is a popular way to earn income. We can do affiliate marketing through YouTube. But for this, your YouTube channel has to be big enough. For example, your YouTube channel has a lot of subscribers and each of your videos gets a lot of views. That means your video is reaching a lot of people. As a result, different companies may contract with you to promote them. As a result, you can enter the address of that company in your video description box. You can also talk about that company in the video. This will promote the company. This is affiliate marketing. Through this, the company will pay you. We currently see a lot of videos on youtube where affiliate marketing is being done. So you too can earn income from YouTube through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing, like YouTube monetization, is a popular means of earning income from YouTube.

Hope you understand. But we will learn more about how to make money from youtube.

Earnings from YouTube by buying and selling products:

Since your YouTube channel is large enough, if you give a review about a product, that product is likely to sell. Like you gave a review about a mobile. Then thousands of people will see your review. As a result, there will be a possibility of selling that mobile. If the products are sold after watching your video, you will get a commission from there. In this way, you can earn income by buying and selling products from YouTube. Earnings from buying and selling products fall into the category of affiliate marketing. However, if you have your product, then it will not be affiliate marketing. So it is possible to make income on YouTube by buying and selling products.

YouTube Income through Sponsorship:

One thing we need to be clear about first is that affiliate and sponsorship are not the same things. Many people confuse sponsorship and affiliate. Affiliate is the product of which company you will sell. And sponsorship is the company you are promoting. Like you took sponsorship from a company and through that, you mentioned that company in the middle of your video. That is why the company is being promoted. As a result, the company will pay you. This way we can earn income from YouTube through sponsorship.

Income from YouTube offering various courses:

As your YouTube gets bigger, you will be able to offer different courses. If you make educational videos, it is easily possible. Like you make videos with technology. This will allow you to offer technology-related courses to visitors. Again, if you make a video about your studies, then you can offer different courses as a teacher. Since different people watch your videos, they like your videos. So when you offer different courses they will do your courses. You can take course fees from them to do these courses. With this, you can earn income from YouTube.

Hope you understand ‘how to get YouTube monetization?‘ You have learned various information about income from YouTube through today’s post. This is how we can earn income from YouTube. Currently, the younger generation has earned income on YouTube. We can make income on YouTube without wasting our time. If you have various questions about YouTube Income, you can ask us.