How to become a web designer – web design Full process

Web design process: In today’s world, we spend most of our time online. This has resulted in various ways to earn money online. Many are taking online as their career. Web design is one of the methods that you can choose as a career. Today we will talk about how to become a web designer.

How to become a web designer

First, we will learn about web design.

What is web design?

Before we get into web design, we need to know what design is.

what is web design

Anything has a structure. Such as, we have a beautiful structure. We have eyes, nose, ears, throat, etc. We wear beautiful clothes to make our structure more beautiful. We use different methods to make ourselves attractive. Design is the process of making this attractive.

Web Design:

The design that we do for such a website is web design. The better the design of the website, the easier it is for us to browse that website. We do not browse the website unless the design of the website is good. So web design is a very important issue.

Here is what you can learn from today’s web design post:

1. Web Design

2. What is web design?

3. Web design what to learn.

4. How do you learn web design (web design process)?

5. How long does it take to learn web design?

6. website design jobs

7. salary of freelance web developer

8. web designing course online

9. how to become a web designer

Web design what to learn:

One of the newcomers to the question is what does it take to learn web design? 

Web design what to learn



* Bootstrap

* JavaScript


HTML is a hypertext markup language. Each of us has a structure. As human beings, we have our structures. We have hands, feet, eyes, nose, ears, etc. Such a website structure is required. The structure of the website is built by HTML. All the websites in the world are made with HTML. 

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Like if you want to build a house. Then you will need bricks, sand, etc. Brick, sand is HTML. On the other hand, you don’t have to build a house. You have to paint it, you have to do a lot more work including furniture. These are the work of CSS, JavaScript, and others.

HTML allows you to add information to a website, add images, add different links, and provide a complete structure. But HTML is not a programming language. Many of us think of HTML as a programming language.

How much time does it take to learn HTML?

How long does it take to learn HTML | Full Details

It takes approximately 15 to 20 days to learn HTML. Since HTML is not a programming language, there are certain structures. You can learn HTML only if you can master them. However, if you want to learn very deep, then one to one and a half months may be required


The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets. The house you built a while ago needs to be painted now. You have to decorate your house. This requires CSS. We can color the website through CSS. There is no substitute for CSS to make your website attractive.

How long does it take to learn CSS?

It takes more time to learn CSS than HTML. With CSS you can make your website beautiful. There are many attributes here. These are things you need to master and practice right away. This requires more at some point. But if you practice every day, you will be able to learn CSS well in one and a half to two months. However, your practice may take more or less time.


Nowadays, the work of CSS has become much easier with the help of a framework. To create such a responsive website, even if you don’t know CSS deeply now. Because different frameworks will help you to create a responsive website. One such framework is Bootstrap. Where navigation, buttons, responsive images, forms, etc. are created. Your website will work only if you give access from there. You don’t have to worry too much to know the bootstrap. You can only learn if you read the documentation. Since we want more work in a very short time, Bootstrap is very important for web design. So those who want to be web designers will learn bootstrap.


How long does it take to learn JavaScript?

None of the things we’ve talked about so far are programming languages. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap is not programming languages. But JavaScript is a programming language. Not only this, JavaScript is one of the most sought-after languages ​​in the world today. JavaScript is a long way ahead for different frameworks and libraries. Currently, the most widely used language is JavaScript.

How long does it take to learn JavaScript

Why do we use JavaScript?

1. The most widely used JavaScript webpage.

2. Web pages made with JavaScript are very fast.

3. When creating web pages you will find various JavaScript frameworks that can be used to create websites very quickly.

4. Front-end and back-end work are possible with JavaScript.

5. There is a JavaScript framework for the database.

With JavaScript, it is possible to create various animations, popup windows, and interesting designs of the site. For example, if you click a button, it will take you to another page. The best way to do this is through JavaScript. To learn web design we must learn JavaScript. Hope you almost understand the full process of “how to become a web designer“.

Web design career:

General Title: Web Designer.

Category: Computer & Internet

Type of organization: government, private firm/company, freelancing, etc.

Career type: Part-time, full-time.

Experience limit: work and organization dependent.

Possible salary limit at the entry-level: 400-500$ depending on work, organization, and experience.

Key Skills: Coding, Design, and Graphics.

Special skills: creativity, analytical ability, problem-solving skills.

The demand for web design is increasing day by day. Hundreds of websites are being added to Google every day. This requires design for hundreds of websites. This requires a web designer. You can work anywhere as a web designer. So the demand for web designers is not likely to decrease in the future.

What is the monthly income of a web designer?

The annual salary of a web designer is about 70 thousand US dollars. However, in the light of your experience, this salary may be more or less. There is no possibility of less than this. But if you are full of experience, it is more likely to happen. Then you understand the demand and salary of the web designer!

Improve coding skills:

There is no substitute for coding in web development, web design, or software engineering. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap Although not a programming language, it requires coding. If you are afraid of coding, then web or software will be a problem in any case. Therefore, there is no alternative to increasing coding skills. It is best if you know a programming language. One way to learn to code or improve your skills is to practice more and more. When you do a project, you have to write thousands of lines of code. So start practicing hard today.


Have an idea about SEO. Because how to write the code will help Google search engines to understand, you need to know these. Otherwise, your website will not be ranked by Google. So keep an idea about SEO.

Communication Skills:

The present world is known as the Global Village. So after learning web design you have to increase your communication skills. Then you will get a good project very quickly. You can sit in any country and do projects in other countries if you have good communication skills. So there is no substitute for communication skills to be a good web designer

Do some projects:

When you become a web designer, do some projects. You can show these projects to different companies. Put your codes on GitHub. These will prove that you are a really good web designer. So do some good quality projects.

Create your portfolio:

When it comes to becoming a good web designer, you need to have a portfolio of your own. Others will get all the information about you there. You can add to your portfolio what you are good at. You can add skills and experience to your work. You can also show your projects there.

Stay up to date:

Web Design is a branch that is constantly being updated. New types of technology are added. For this, you need to acquire new types of skills. So stay updated with time.

Find a job:

After becoming a designer, your job is to work in a software-related company. When you do a job, your experience will increase. Learn about new jobs. To start the job without delay.

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