How much does youtube pay you for 1 million views? Know the details

Today we will talk about income on YouTube. How to make money from youtube, how much does youtube pay, how much money do YouTubers make? We hope you find the answers to these questions today.

I will try to discuss each of these issues in detail. And for this reason, the text will be a bit bigger. I hope you have patience and hope you read the details.

How much does youtube pay you

Why do we use YouTube?

YouTube is like magic. When we need to know something, we do a Google search. We read the articles on Google. If we want to get those things in the form of videos, then we go to YouTube. And we are more accustomed to watching videos. So our walk on YouTube is our everyday. YouTube also pays us. Which adds to our fascination with YouTube.

Now come to your desired question which is, how much does youtube pay? YouTube itself will not be able to give you the correct answer. But if we understand how YouTube pays us, what are the factors behind paying? Then you can understand for yourself how much money you will earn from YouTube. So first we will understand what a YouTube view is. 

What is a YouTube view?

Suppose you uploaded a video to your YouTube channel. We watch different videos on YouTube for different needs. The more videos you upload, the more times people will watch it, the more times it will count as a view. But if viewed repeatedly from the same device, YouTube may take it as spam. Because many people try to increase the view on their video. Which YouTube doesn’t like at all.

How does YouTube pay?

We ask, how much does youtube pay you for 1 million views? YouTube has some conditions to make money. If you meet those conditions, your video will show ads. These ads will be seen by your viewers. This will be your YouTube income. So although there is no relation of income with a view, there is an indirect relation. For example, the more views you have, the more people will be able to see YouTube ads. As a result, your revenue from YouTube will continue to increase. 

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Many people can earn a lot of money through very few views. Again, many viewers can not earn income. The reason is CPC. We will know about this later.

YouTube Monetization 2022:

Even a few years ago, it was not difficult to get the YouTube channel monetized. Monetization was very easy. But now the conditions of monetization have become difficult. YouTube has adjusted its monetization with several changes. Today we will talk about the conditions required for YouTube Monetization 2022.

Terms and Conditions for YouTube Monetization:

Terms and Conditions for YouTube Monetization

The YouTube channel must have 1000 subscribers within a year.

4000 hours of watch time in a year should be in your videos.

YouTube guidelines cannot be violated.

If you have copyright, you will not get monetization of your YouTube channel.

What is YouTube Monetization?

As I said a while ago, when your video shows ads, your earnings will start. But the question is, when will the video show ads? The answer is when you get monetization. In other words, YouTube monetization is a way to display ads on your videos. In other words, YouTube monetization is your way of earning YouTube income.

How much does YouTube pay per 1 million views?

How much does YouTube pay per 1 million view

First of all, I said that YouTube does not pay for views. However, if your view is high, the ad will appear more. As a result, YouTube income will be higher. We now know what YouTube Income depends on.

To understand the revenue from YouTube, here are the things we need to know:

Ad views (number of ads shown)



Traffic Country


Traffic Country:

There are some countries where visitors actually have more CPC. As a result, even if there are fewer viewers in the video, the income is more. Some of these countries are America, Britain, Canada, Germany, etc. Also for some keywords, CPC is more available. Such as technology and medical-related writing. Again, there are some countries from which visitors have much lower CPC. These usually include underdeveloped countries. For this, it is important to know from which country visitors are coming to your video. Because it depends on your YouTube income.

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A number of ad views:

Advertising does not always appear in a video. For the sake of comprehension, we assume that your video has been viewed 1000 times. But the ad has been shown 500 times in the video. So the remaining 500 people were not shown the ad. In other cases, the ad is shown 800 times in your video. So in which case, your YouTube revenue will be higher? Of course in the second case. Because in this case more ads have been displayed. So YouTube revenue depends on the number of ads being displayed on your video.

Some of the factors that make the ad more visible are:

  • Increases the length of the video. Many create and upload two to three-minute videos. Youtube or Google AdSense does not show much advertisement in such videos. Try to make a video of at least 7 minutes or 8 minutes. As a result, more ads will be displayed on your videos.
  • Whether viewers are finally watching the video! if the viewers watch the video till the end, the ad will show more. So make the video quality better.
  • Creating good quality and informative videos makes ads more visible


The full form of CPC is Cost Per Click. Many people are earning more money from YouTube with very few views. CPC is basically like a trafficking country. The higher the CPC, the higher your YouTube revenue. If CPC is low then income will be less. There are some countries where CPC is higher. America provides the most CPC. For this, many people write articles based on America. By multiplying the number of clicks and CPCs on a video ad, you get the amount of your YouTube revenue. So hopefully you understand, how much does YouTube pay per 1 million views? You will earn money when the viewer clicks on each ad.


We already understand Traffic Country and CPC. Now we understand keywords. There are some keywords for which CPC is higher. For example, if your article or your video is technology-related then CPC will be higher. On the other hand, if your video is educational then CPC will be a little less. When you create a video, you can analyze what the CPC might look like in that video. You can use some tools for this. However, when we search on YouTube, we search by typing some keywords. Such how much does youtube pay for views? When people search by typing this keyword, there will be CPC for this keyword. There are different CPCs for different keywords like this. If the CPC is higher in the keywords you use, then your YouTube income will be higher.


The question for all of you is how much does youtube pay you for 1 million views? To understand this we must understand CPM. The full form of CPM is Cost Per Mile. CPM means how much YouTube or Google AdSense pays you for every 1000 views on your video. That is the amount of revenue from YouTube through the ads that are shown per 1000 views. It is calculated by CPM.

CPM (Cost Per 1000 Views) depends on some factors. Such as:

  • Whether your viewers are fully watching the videos you are making! If they don’t watch it completely, then the amount of income from your YouTube will continue to decrease. Make good quality videos for this.
  • Whether they are being clicked on when the ad is shown.
  • How many ads are showing in the video??
  • If the CPC is high then your youtube income will increase.
  • People from which country are watching your videos!
  • There are also some other factors on which CPM depends.

This is how YouTube pays us. I hope you understand, how much does youtube pay? If you work with CPC, traffic country, keywords, CPM in mind, the amount of YouTube income will increase. That’s why whenever you make a video, make a video with these issues in mind. Now we will learn more about income from YouTube.

How much does youtube pay in 1 month?

The question is normal among us. Because we make videos with a lot of effort. So I am telling you how much income some YouTubers get from YouTube.

Ryan Kazi – 26 million dollar

Dude Perfect – 20 Million dollar

Anastasia Radjinskaya – 16 million dollar

Disclaimer and Link – 18.5 million dollar

Jeffrey Start – 18 million dollar

We have been trying for so long to understand how much YouTube pays you for 1 million views. You will find a variety of articles online that will tell you how much does youtube pay? But in fact, it is not possible. Because CPC, traffic country, and keywords are involved here. If you can understand these, then you will be able to calculate how much income from YouTube. Even then, if you have any questions about income from YouTube, you can let us know in the comments.

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