How long does it take to learn JavaScript?

The most widely used programming language in the web world is JavaScript. Today we will know, how long does it take to learn JavaScript? Using JavaScript you can make your website dynamic. The exclusive possession of the current web world of JavaScript.

How long does it take to learn JavaScript

Here’s what you can learn from today’s post:

How long does it take to learn JavaScript for a beginner?        

How to learn JavaScript step by step? 

Is Javascript easy to learn?        

Is JavaScript easy to learn for beginners?

All the things you can do on your website using JavaScript:

  • Excellent animation
  • Scrolling facility
  • Manage a website’s back-end
  • Even more interesting

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in today’s internet world. JavaScript Browser Scripting Language. JavaScript is an object-oriented, dynamic, programming language. Like all other languages, JavaScript has operators, important objects, functions, etc.

History of JavaScript:

Engineer Brendon Ich created JavaScript in 1995. Then it was named Live Script. Later, however, its name became JavaScript. There is no similarity between Java and JavaScript. However, many people get confused because of the similarity between Java and JavaScript names. Then different versions started to be developed along with JavaScript. And currently one of the most popular language.

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Who created JavaScript?

JavaScript was created by Brendon Ich in 1995.

How long does it take to learn JavaScript?

Learning JavaScript and learning HTML, CSS is not the same thing. JavaScript is a programming language. Like other programming languages, JavaScript has functions, objects, operators, variables, and so on. So if you want to learn JavaScript you need about three to four months. But about three to four hours a day, you have to spend on JavaScript. Many ask, 

How long does it take to learn JavaScript for a beginner?

Beginners may need a little more time in JavaScript. For example, if you already have an idea about any other programming language, you will be well versed in JavaScript in three to four months. However, if you are a beginner, it may take five to six months.

Needless to say, if you only want to learn JavaScript for web-related work, then you can learn JavaScript in two to three months. But if you want to learn JavaScript as a programming language, it takes three to four months. As I said before. And five to six months for beginners. On the other hand, for those of you who are students of computer engineering, I would say to them first to have an idea about C or C ++ programming language. Then you can easily learn JavaScript in less time.

Is JavaScript easy to learn?

Is JavaScript easy to learn?

Generally learning JavaScript is easier than other programming languages. Because you will find many built-in functions in JavaScript. Calling those functions will work. So just remembering those functions is enough to learn JavaScript. However, as an object-oriented programming language, you need to learn it well. You have to work hard to learn object-oriented. However, to learn a C or C ++ programming language, the amount of time you need to give, the amount of time it will not take. A lot of logic has to be used in the C programming language. In JavaScript, since there is a built-in function, logic is less required.

If you already know HTML and CSS, you will need less time to learn JavaScript. You can learn JavaScript very easily. Because JavaScript is used for web-related work. It is very easy to create dynamic websites using JavaScript.

How to learn JavaScript step by step?

How to learn javascript step by step? This is the most frequently asked question among newcomers. So we will now discuss how you can learn JavaScript step by step. Since JavaScript is used for web-related work, you must first learn HTML. Then CSS. Because JavaScript can be used to create different types of animations, scrolling, popup windows, form validation, and dynamic websites. For which we need to know HTML and CSS.


HTML is not a programming language. But HTML will help you learn JavaScript. Because we write the JavaScript code in HTML to make the web work. So if you know HTML, you can easily implement JavaScript. That’s why it’s important to learn HTML before learning JavaScript.


Assuming, you will do web-related work, so the website needs CSS for color. We can do beautiful animations through JavaScript. Also with JavaScript, we can give the website a dynamic look. That’s why we need to learn CSS after HTML.

learn JavaScript step by step:

JS Statements:

x = 5; // Statement 1

y = 6; // Statement 2

JS Syntax:

// create variables:

var x;


let y;

// use variables:

x = 10;

y = 16;

let p = x + y;

JS Comments:

let y = 15; // Declare y, give it the value of 15

JS Variables:

There are 3 ways to declare a Js variable:

* var

* let

* const

JS Let:

let x = 10;

JS Const:

const PI = 3.1416;

JS Operators:

JavaScript has two types of Operators.

1. Arithmetic 

2. Assignment

JavaScript Arithmetic Operators:

Addition (+)

Subtraction (-)

Multiplication( *)

Division ( / )

Modulus (%)

Increment (++)

Decrement (–)

Exponentiation ( **)

JS Data Types

JS Functions:

let x = myFunction(4, 3);   

function myFunction(a, b) {

  return a * b;             


JS Objects:

const car= {

  car1: “Ab”,

  car2: “Cd”,

  price: 2500$,

  Color: “black”


JS Events:

<button onclick=”document.getElementById(‘jsEvent’).innerHTML = Date()”>You can know today’s date</button>

JS Strings:

let Name = “Pine”; 

JS String Methods:

JavaScript String Methods are:

* slice() Method

* substring() Method

* substr() Method

* replace() method

* concat() Method

* trim() method

* charAt() Method

* split() method

JS String Search:

JavaScript searching strings:

* String indexOf()

* String lastIndexOf()

* String startsWith()

* String endsWith()

You need to know about the following issues. Now you may ask yourself, how long does it take to learn JavaScript? Of course, if you only learn JavaScript to do web-related work, you will need less time.

  • JS Numbers
  • JS Number Methods
  • JS Arrays
  • JS Array Methods
  • JS Array Sort
  • JS Array Iteration
  • JS Array Const
  • JS Dates
  • JS Date Formats
  • JS Date Get Methods
  • JS Date Set Methods
  • JS Math
  • JS Random
  • JS Booleans
  • JS Comparisons
  • JS Conditions
  • JS Switch
  • JS Loop For
  • JS Loop For In
  • JS Loop For Of
  • JS Loop While
  • JS Break
  • JS Iterables
  • JS Sets
  • JS Maps
  • JS Typeof
  • JS Type Conversion
  • JS Bitwise
  • JS RegExp
  • JS Errors
  • JS Scope
  • JS Hoisting
  • JS Strict Mode
  • JS this Keyword
  • JS Arrow Function
  • JS Classes
  • JS Debugging
  • JS Style Guide
  • JS Best Practices
  • JS Mistakes
  • JS Performance
  • JS Reserved Words
  • JS Objects
  • JS Functions
  • JS Classes
  • JS Browser BOM
  • JS Web APIs

If you know the above, you can become a good JavaScript developer. You can tell how long it will take you to finish these. So I will say it again, ask yourself, how long does it take to learn JavaScript? Because you know how fast you can master a programming language.


Hopefully, how long does it take to learn JavaScript? Is JavaScript easy to learn? How to learn JavaScript step by step? The answers to this question, you will understand very well through this post. Let us know if you have any further questions on JavaScript. We will do our best to answer you.

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