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Hakaluki Haor is one of the many tourist destinations in Bangladesh. This haor is the largest haor in Bangladesh. In addition, Hakaluki Haor is one of the largest freshwater wetlands in Asia. The area of Hakaluki Haor is 18,115 hectares. To the north of Hakaluki Haor is the foothills of Meghalaya Hills in India and the Tripura Hills to the east. There are 80 to 90 small-big-medium bills in Hakaluki Haor. What is a matter of joy for the tourists is that one can go to Hakaluki Haor in both the rainy season and the winter season. In winter, there is a noise of different birds here. In winter, the beauty of Hakaluki Haor increases manifold. In winter, the landscape of the horizon is truly spectacular. The image of the sun in the midst of the water bodies of Haor at sunrise and sunset will impress everyone. The arrival of guest birds from different countries in winter adds to the beauty. But the sad thing is that different species of plants and animals are now extinct. Floating large plants are no longer available there.

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There are 526 species of plants and 417 species of birds in Hakaluki Haor. These include 112 species of guest birds and 305 species of native birds. There are also 141 other species of wildlife. Of the 107 species of fish, 32 species are endangered. There are also a variety of small insects and terrestrial microorganisms. Different species of animals can also be found here. So we can say that Hakaluki Haor is not only a place of natural beauty, there are different types of plants here. Which is very important for our country. But we need to preserve them. As a result of the way various plants and animals are becoming extinct, more than half of the plants and animals will soon become extinct. Besides, a large part of Bangladesh’s fisheries resources come from the Haor region. About 233 of Hakaluki Haor’s 281 bills have been filled up. As a result, the fisheries sector is suffering. Just as the Hakaluki Haor is the land of beauty, so is the land of natural resources. That’s why we have to protect Hakaluki Haor. Public and private initiatives should be taken to protect the Hakaluki Haor.

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