Food adulteration paragraph for hsc, ssc, class 9,10,8,7,6 with pdf

Today we will learn about the food adulteration paragraph for hsc. Food adulteration is very harmful. Food adulteration is one of the most serious harms to our health. If you read the food adulteration paragraph for ssc, you will understand its harmful effects of it. Hopefully, the paragraph food adulteration for hsc will make us aware.

paragraph food adulteration

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Food adulteration paragraph for class 9 & all

Food adulteration is a form of corruption. The mixing of harmful chemicals with food items, low-quality food, and any harmful chemicals in the food products is called adulteration for dishonest purposes. All the foods that we used to consider nutritious in the past have now become harmful to human health. Because some unscrupulous traders are constantly adulterating essential food items to earn extra profit. Adulteration of food products is causing a lot of damage to the health of the people. Carbide and formalin are being used in various fruits including mangoes, and bananas.

Even dead fish and milk are mixed with formalin. The fish that we eat as a hobby, the harmful DDT is used in it. Formalin is also being used in vegetables. When vegetables are planted in the field, harmful fertilizers are given. The taste of oranges and malta has changed due to the abundance of formalin. Ice creams, biscuits, semai, noodles, fruit juices, etc., are used everywhere with skin colors and cloth colors. Sand is used to keeping chanachur, salt, etc. sprained for a long time. The different types of spices that we use for cooking are mixed with brick powder.

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Chicken meat and eggs have become toxic due to the use of chemical skin husk. Jorda colors and different chemical colors are mixed to make the curry attractive in different hotels. Dead chickens are cooked in various hotels and mixed with lemons and other things so as not to stink. It just doesn’t end there. The foods we eat are mixed with harmful chemicals in some ways. So what are we eating? Our lives are under threat because of dishonest traders. Food adulteration is a form of corruption.

paragraph food adulteration pdf: here

Those who adulterate food are also affected by adulterated food themselves. But they do not understand. Because they want to earn extra profits. Our health is suffering due to excessive adulteration of food. The application of formalin to fish meat, fruits, etc., is causing an increase in various types of complex diseases including cancer, and hapani. Its harmful effects on children and pregnant mothers are serious. Bronchitis and pneumonia are on the rise due to the use of formaldehyde gas. In addition, excessive formalin intake can lead to immediate death. So we should all prevent food adulteration. Those who are traders should not adulterate food in the hope of earning extra profit.

For this, government action should be taken. The market should be monitored officially every day. Apart from this, meetings, seminars, and newspapers should also report on the harmful effects of food adulteration. People’s awareness should be increased. I hope you all understand the food adulteration paragraph. We should all speak out against food adulteration. It needs to be prevented by the government.

Hopefully, the food adulteration paragraph for class 6 will change the attitude of all of us. Stay with us to get more paragraph.

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