Flood in Sylhet paragraph for hsc, class 9-10, 8 and others

Flood in Sylhet paragraph for class 9-10: Today we will read the paragraph Flood in Sylhet paragraph for class 8 and others. Flood are harmful to all. By reading today’s paragraph, we will find out how to reduce flood.

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Flood in Sylhet paragraph for hsc, ssc and others

There are floods in Bangladesh every year due to geographical reasons. Like every time, this year i.e. in May 2022, assam and arunachal pradesh received more rainfall and the water level of surma, kushiyara and other rivers increased in the hill slopes. As a result, severe floods were created in the Sylhet region. From 11 may in 2022 to Assam-Arunachal Pradesh, heavy rains and hill slopes continue. The rainfall in Bangladesh is also increasing. As a result, the flood started in Sylhet district. The water of various rivers flowing through the interior of the district increases. As a result, low-lying areas are flooded very quickly. But so far, there has been a severe flood in the Sylhet region. At this time, the electricity goes off. As a result, the communication of Sylhet region with the whole country was disrupted. The low-lying areas of the Sylhet region were flooded, as well as the higher areas were flooded.

Millions of people are under water. There are a lot of fatalities. The height of the water increases every day. So the houses are damaged by the cattle. Almost all parts of the Sylhet region are submerged in water. As a result, agricultural land is damaged. In many places, the ponds are washed away in the water. As a result, the fish in the pond can be seen floating. Fish farmers suffered a lot. Animals float in the water. Various things including the furniture of the house are submerged in the water. As a result, people suffer greatly. Educational institutions are also flooded with water. As a result, educational institutions were closed. The SSC examination, which began on June 19, 2022, was declared postponed. Not only the Sylhet region, but its surrounding are-as are flooded with water. Such as Sunamganj. At this time, there is a shortage of clean water. There’s also a food crisis.

Due to the lack of clean water, many people have water-borne diseases including diarrhea. However, various voluntary organizations in the country help the flood victims to the best of their ability. The government provided relief to the flood victims. The army was deployed. I hope the Government of Bangladesh will help the flood victims and arrange for their rehabilitation. Apart from this, various non-governmental organizations and voluntary organizations will also come forward. But since we have floods every year because of our geography, we have to work on how to reduce the floods. For this, various projects including the construction of the dam need to be undertaken. Millions of people in the country will be saved.

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I hope you understand the flood in Sylhet paragraph for hsc very well. Flood is a major problem for any country. So we have to conscious to prevent flood. Stay with us to get more writing material like paragraph, letter, CV and others. Hopefully, flood in Sylhet paragraph for ssc will help increase your awareness.

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