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environment pollution paragraph for hsc: Today we will learn about the Environment Pollution paragraph for ssc through this post. Paragraph on environment pollution for hsc is very important in any exam. I hope by reading the environment pollution paragraph for class 8 you will do well in the exam, as well as you will realize the need to prevent environmental pollution.

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Environment pollution paragraph for class 9 & all

Environmental pollution is the pollution of the environment by natural and artificial means. Our environment is all about what’s around us. Since the development of civilization, people have gradually developed the environment. The human-made environment is the product of the evolution of civilization. The balance of the environment depends on our actions. If the balance of the environment is disturbed for any reason, it is called environmental pollution. The environment can be polluted in many ways. such as air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, soil pollution, greenhouse effect, radioactive pollution, etc.

The global environment is rapidly deteriorating. The environment can be polluted in two ways. The man-made way and the other is a natural way. Natural pollution includes various causes including various natural disasters. However, the main cause of environmental pollution is man-made causes. That is, we are the ones who do the most harm to the environment. Some of the causes of environmental pollution are:

Increase in population, Destruction of forests, Unplanned urbanization, Misuse of natural resources, Industrialization uses more fertilizers and pesticides, There is no provision for the disposal of substances in the factory, Toxic smoke from the car, Deterioration of the ozone layer, Acid rain, Additional use of plastic, cosmetics, etc.

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We are constantly burning the forest. As a result, the carbon dioxide that we are releasing is not fully absorbed because of the low vegetation. As a result, carbon dioxide remains in the environment. That is, carbon dioxide is increasing in the environment. As a result, various types of diseases, including shortness of breath, are occurring. In addition, the ozone layer is rapidly deteriorating. In the same way, the lightning materials emitted from various steamers, launches, ships, etc., are mixed in the water and pollute the water. We’re drinking that water. We are getting sick. Smoke from various vehicles is being exposed to the environment, resulting in air pollution. We are the ones who pollute the noise. So any pollution is caused by humans. But the results are very harmful. What we can see. We are moving towards serious damage like climate change. As a result, it is seen that there is excessive rainfall, excessive drought, untimely floods, etc.

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About the disaster of air pollution, scientists are speculating that if the amount of carbon dioxide in the air continues to increase in this way, then the sea ice will melt and the height of the seawater will increase. As a result, many lowlands will be submerged in water. Dust also prevents sunlight from reaching the Earth. If the amount of light coming to earth is reduced by 1.5 percent to 2 percent due to dust, then the eternal ice in the polar region will spread to the equatorial zone. As a result, many coastal countries including Japan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh will be submerged underwater. This is called the greenhouse reaction. We all need to come forward to prevent environmental pollution. All the steps we can take are:

we can plant more trees, use water and solar power as an alternative to fuel, dump industrial and household waste in certain places, reduce the use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture, increase the use of organic fertilizers, increase awareness, increase the rate of education, etc. We have to remember that the better the environment, the better we will be. So we have to work to prevent environmental pollution. If we are all aware of everyone’s place, environmental pollution will come down.

I hope you understand the environment pollution paragraph for hsc very well. You also understand the need to prevent environmental pollution. Request to share with others as you read the paragraph on environment pollution for class 6.

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