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Dengue fever paragraph 200 words: Dengue fever can be fatal. So we have to take preventive measures to prevent dengue fever. We all need to be aware of dengue fever. Different Information Has To Be Collected So That We Can Recognize Dengue Mosquitoes. You have to be aware of yourself and make others aware. So today we will know the dengue fever paragraph for class 10.

Dengue fever paragraph for hsc & all

Dengue fever is a disease carried by Aedes mosquitoes, the dengue virus enters the body through the bite of the Aedes mosquito, i.e., a type of high fever carried by dengue mosquitoes. Symptoms of dengue fever appear within three to fifteen days of contracting the virus. Symptoms include fever, headache, vomiting, muscle and joint pain, and rashes in the groin. The patient usually recovers within two to seven days.

However, in some cases, dengue fever can be fatal. This is called dengue hemorrhagic fever. This can result in bleeding. Blood clots are greatly reduced. Apart from this, the blood pressure in dengue shock syndrome is very low. Several species of Aedes mosaic (female mosquitoes) are the main carriers of the dengue virus. Of these, Aedes aegypti mashki is the most prominent. If you have dengue fever, you should consult a doctor without delay. Because in some cases, dengue fever can get serious.

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At present, some vaccines have been invented as a cure for dengue fever. However, to protect against dengue fever, one has to stay away from dengue mosquitoes mainly. This is why the surroundings of the house should be kept clean. Unnecessary water cannot be stored. The water trapped in various places suitable for breeding of Aedes mosquitoes, such as tubs, tyres, cane shells, holes, roofs, etc., should be removed. When you go out, wear clothes that cover most of the body.

Due to dengue, it is necessary to get a lot of rest. You need to take more liquid food. Paracetamol is given to reduce the fever. However, taking antibiotics can increase the risk of bleeding. Therefore, antibiotic medicines should not be taken. If the fever is severe, then you must consult a doctor. The incidence of dengue fever is usually high during the rainy season.

So if we want to survive dengue fever, we have to stay away from dengue mosquitoes. For this, public-private, social, political and personal, we have to work to eradicate dengue mosquitoes.

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I hope we understand the dengue fever paragraph 200 words. We will be aware of dengue fever ourselves and make others aware. I will work as a volunteer to prevent dengue fever. If I am suffering from dengue fever, I will try to cure it without fear. We all have to come forward to prevent dengue fever. Let us know what kind of post you want to get. I hope today’s dengue fever paragraph 100 words will be of benefit to you.

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