Deforestation Paragraph for HSC, SSC and all classes

Deforestation paragraph for hsc: Dear students, the deforestation paragraph for class 8 is very important in the exam. So today we will know the paragraph on deforestation. I hope you understand the paragraph well. We have tried to write the deforestation paragraph 200 words in simple language.

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1. Deforestation Paragraph for hsc & all

The destruction of forests is harmful to us. Destruction of forests is a threat to our lives. The main ingredient for our survival is oxygen we get from trees. But we indiscriminately destroy trees, we destroy forests. Due to some selfish people, the forest area is being destroyed indiscriminately. We are destroying those who are our true friends. It is not possible to end with the benefits of forest cover. The first benefit is that plants provide the oxygen we need. We need food to survive. We are indirectly and directly dependent on trees for food. Trees can make their own food. But people can’t make their own food. When there is a rush of heat everywhere in the scorching sun, the trees provide us with a cool shade.

There are different types of medicinal plants that help in curing our diseases. Trees hold the ground. As a result, the river’s breakdown is prevented. Trees maintain the balance of the environment. Also, the benefits of the tree cannot be concluded. But the sad thing is that we cut down trees without realizing it. As a result, human life is threatened. Various diseases are occurring. A country needs to have 25 percent of its total area of forest cover to maintain balance. If it is less, it causes harm to the country. There are various natural disasters. Climate change occurs. As a result, untimely floods, droughts, etc. can be seen. There are also cyclones, storms, etc. So we should not destroy trees indiscriminately. That’s why we need to raise people’s awareness. In this case, various public and private organizations can take the initiative. We should swear that if we cut down a tree, we will plant two trees there. We will prevent the destruction of forests.

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2. Deforestation Paragraph in 200 words

Indiscriminate destruction of plants is known as deforestation. The consequences of destruction of trees are very widespread. The results of which we can see at present. Today, climate change is rampant. As a result, various natural disasters are occurring in no time. Earthquakes, eruptions, etc. are happening in abundance. Various lavas are being reactivated. Some of this is due to the destruction of forests. Because the destruction of forests destroys the balance of the environment. The earth’s temperature increases. As a result, various natural disasters can be seen. We give up carbon dioxide. That carbon dioxide takes over the tree. But if the amount of plants decreases, then carbon dioxide will not be absorbed in the right amount. As a result, the amount of carbon dioxide in the environment will increase. As a result, the environment will lose its balance. We won’t get the oxygen we need. As a result, we will have various types of diseases, including breathing problems. The amount of lead in the environment will increase.

As a result, we will have various types of diseases, including skin cancer. That’s why we shouldn’t destroy our forests. But we cut down a lot of trees every year. Various forests are being destroyed. Due to climate change, there may be untimely floods, droughts, inundation, rain, etc. In order to keep climate change right, more trees need to be planted. But we are destroying the plants without planting trees. Some unscrupulous traders destroy the trees. Apart from this, we take up various nuclear projects around the forest area and destroy the forest area. That’s why we have to work to protect forests in all areas, public and private. There is no substitute for forests to build a beautiful world. So we need to take an oath that we will not cut down trees but plant trees. I will also encourage others to plant trees.

Dear students, we hope that you have read and understood our deforestation paragraph for class 8. A lot of people don’t understand in some places. So let us know by commenting on where you have trouble understanding. Stay with us to get more paragraphs like deforestation paragraph for class 9-10. Thank you.

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