Cyber Crime paragraph for hsc, ssc, class 8,7,6 and all with pdf

Cyber Crime paragraph for hsc: The paragraph we’re going to talk about today is the Cyber Crime paragraph for class 9. If we read the Cyber Crime paragraph for class 8, we will get to know the details about cyber crime. We will learn how to solve cyber crime.

Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime paragraph for class 10 & all

In today’s age of information technology, we cannot imagine our life without information technology. Our lives are closely intertwined with information technology. The use of information technology in almost all types of institutions, including public and private offices, educational institutions, is very high. The banking sector is now completely dependent on information technology and the internet. However, if you can’t ensure the security of information technology, it can lead to extreme degradation.

The use of telecommunication networks, such as the Internet (messengers, emails, notice boards, various servers including Google) and mobile phones (SMS/MMS), is called a cyber crime to intentionally defame, or directly or indirectly causing physical or mental harm, or direct or indirect physical or mental harm, against any person or individuals. Apart from this, government and private organizations are involved in cyber crimes such as theft of information, embezzlement of money, etc. The highest number of cyber crimes in the banking sector took place in 1970. Hundreds of dollars were embezzled $1.5 million from hundreds of accounts at the Park Avenue branch of The New York Union Dime Savings Bank. Online credit and debit card fraud resulted in the loss of nearly $1.5 billion in the US in 2012. Cyber crimes can be committed through various means.

For example, you can connect to the Internet. Hackers can easily access various government and private websites, including Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, Google, Google+, Instagram, computer cloud, etc., to grab information and money.

There are different types of cyber crimes. Such as cyber terrorism, cyber extortion, cyber war, harassment, drug trafficking, objectionable content, leakage of various important information, embezzlement of bank money, etc. Currently, mobile banking has been introduced for the benefit of information technology. Hackers here also steal people’s money in various dishonest ways. That’s why we need to be careful in this case as well.

Today’s world is based on information technology. Therefore, it is our responsibility to ensure the security of information technology. Otherwise, information technology can be a threat to us. We can ensure the security of information technology in various ways. Such as investigation, enactment of laws, appropriate punishment, public awareness, creation of skilled manpower in the IT sector, using viruses to keep computers and smartphones safe, not sharing passwords of special important means with anyone, etc.

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