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cyber bullying paragraph pdf for hsc & others: Dear students, the paragraph is very important in the exam. So today we will know the cyber bullying paragraph for class 8. I hope you understand the paragraph well. We have tried to write the cyber crime paragraph for hsc in simple language.

Paragraphs have to be written in a small way. In various experiments, however, it tells how many words this paragraph has to be written in. However, in the case of maximums, the paragraph has to be written between 250 to 300 words or 300 to 400 words. Although the paragraph is to be written in a smaller form, the fulfilling concept should be included.

cyber bullying paragraph for hsc

Bullying is ridiculing. We’re all more or less bullied. But we don’t understand. Sometimes we bully in a funny way or to make others smaller. I don’t know when I’m kidding. But the one who is a victim of bullying suffers from mental stress. So we should refrain from bullying. There are different types of bullying. For example, if a boy or a girl lags behind in studies, we call him a bad student. I also mock him in many ways. If someone is more fat or more sleek, we ridicule him. In terms of education, corporate office, friendship, etc., we fall prey to bullying. As a result, a person can be mentally broken.

In addition, cyberbullying has increased tremendously. Many of us are familiar with the term cyberbullying. Today is the age of information and technology. So the world has come a long way in the field of information technology. Cyberbullying is an activity to socially defame a person online or on various social media platforms. There are even incidents of looting of money through cyberbullying. According to one study, women under the age of 30 are the most vulnerable to cyberbullying. That’s why we have to be careful in the online world. The one who is a victim of bullying continues to be repeated. Besides, he can’t accept this situation. If a child is bullied from school life, he can’t leave it later. Therefore, parents need to keep an eye on this. In addition, those who do bullying should be taken to a psychiatrist. So that he/she can abandon this behavior. It is for all of us to establish a harmonious society. That’s why we have to say no to bullying.

cyber bullying paragraph for class 9-10 End

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