SEO Article writing tips – 15 Article Writing Tips for Students and Beginners

Article writing tips: The current world relies on online. All our activities are becoming online-based. We are becoming increasingly dependent on online. The method of income from online is being created. Today we will talk about article writing. Nowadays you can earn money online by doing article writing jobs. Today’s post is very important for article writing tips for beginners and students. Today’s post is about solving all the questions about how to become an article writer, how to make money by writing articles, etc.

article writing tips for students

What is article writing?

To be a good article writer you first need to know, what is article writing or content writing?

Content means writing something. Of course, he will have a subject. Such as technology, health, science, and technology, etc. Content writing or article writing is writing about a specific topic.

Where to do article writing?

You are probably a very good article writer. Can write about many topics. I have had a habit of writing since childhood. Now the first problem you will have is, where do you write? Which platform is best suited for article writers? The answer is, if you have a blog site, this is best for you. You can write on your blog site as you wish. There are also various news media websites.

News media and blog sites are the most needed content writers.

I hope you understand. So now we start to know the tips one by one.

Well, one more thing. Let’s talk a little bit about why you need article writing tips.

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Those of you who are reading this article of mine, why are they reading? Of course, you think the article is informative. Besides, you must be having fun reading the article. This is the feature of the Article Writer. You need to write in such a way that your readers are compelled to read your article from beginning to end.

15 Article Writing Tips for Students:

Article Writing Tips for Students

Define content topics:

Of course, you have to select a good topic. That’s why you should keep an eye on several things.

First, try to figure out what you are good at.

Secondly, trending content: Google always likes trending content. So try writing about trending content.

Thirdly, content topics list: Make a list of your content topics. Then you can easily understand which will be better for you.

For example, your content topics might be health and wellness content ideas, content marketing topics, content technology topics, etc.

You will create a list of these content topics. You can take the help of some online tools to select content topics. Such as:

content idea generator, blog post ideas generator, etc.

Many people select topics that they have no idea about. For this, select topics that you know of. This will increase your confidence and good article writing.

Pick the best keywords:

The article you write must appear in Google search results. For this, you have to do SEO. Keyword Select is related to SEO. What kind of keywords do people search on Google, you have to add such keywords to write the article. Then your article will have the possibility to be ranked by Google. For this, you have to have some focus keywords.

Importance of keyword research:

Google needs to know what you are writing about. For this, you need to do keyword research. You will try to use recharged keywords at the beginning, at the heading, and at the end of your article. Like you wrote an article of 500 words. Then you can use your focus keyword two to three times. But if you use too much, it will become spam. That is, through keyword research, we will write articles with that keyword. This will allow Google to understand what the article is about.

Through keyword research, you will be able to understand if you write an article with a keyword, the competition will be more or less, in terms of which you can select the keyword.

How to find keywords for a blog?

How to find keywords for a blog?

There are many sites for this, I am giving some of them.

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Uber suggests
  • Keyword planner

Title of an article:

Do you or I start reading an article? Of course, looking at the title. So the title is the most important thing for an article. The more interesting the title, the more people will read your article.

Below are the title examples of some of the articles:

Title of the article example:

Take a look at today’s attractive mobile offers

Today’s popular technology news

What if the Internet becomes obsolete? Find out now.


Use focus keywords:

The article you write must have a focus keyword. In other words, the article was originally written for that keyword. For example, the keyword I used to write this article was “Article writing tips“.

Where to use focus keywords?

Focus keywords will help Google understand what your article is about. When people search for that topic, Google will show them your article. Therefore, when using focus keywords, you have to use them well. Put focus keywords in your title. Use the focus keyword in the introduction. In the headings that you will use, try to use the Focus Keyword Seminar keyword called LSI keyword. But it can be spam if used exactly. Try to put the focus keyword in the middle of the article. Again, put the focus keyword at the very end. If you can put focus keywords in your post link, then better. Use the focus keyword to alter the tag in the image you use.

Arrange your writing in such a way that all the questions related to that writing can be answered in one post. Then readers will not leave your writing and read any other writing. Because they will get the answer to everything in your writing. This is important for article writing tips for beginners.

How many words should be written in the content?

How many words should be written in the content?

The word count of an article can vary. But the word count of a good quality article is about 500 to 700 words. Many write 1000 words. In short, you arrange your article in such a way that readers get all kinds of answers to one of your posts. Google likes this type of article.

Importance of content analysis:

A blogger doesn’t know everything. But in terms of writing, he has to write about a lot of things. Although he may not know about it. In this case, it is necessary to do content research. So, the Importance of content analysis is very important.

You need to research the content so that your article is informative. If your article is not informative, readers will leave your website very quickly. This will cause your website to lose rank. So when it comes to blogging or article writing, there is no substitute for content research.

Adding images to articles:

You must use images in your article. Using images will help Google rank you. In addition, a lot of images are searched every day. So the image will help to convey your writings to everyone. Readers will also feel comfortable reading your articles if they use images. Make sure your image is optimized for SEO or search engine optimization.

Adding videos to articles:

If you add a video to your article along with pictures, your post will rank faster. Google’s SEO policy calls for the addition of video. Try to match the post title with the title of your video. Then SEO will work better.

Image optimization:

Image optimization

Of course, the image you use must be optimized. For example, you have to use a separate tag in the image, give a five-star rating, give an image alter tag. You will also find some tools for online image optimization. E.g.-

  • image compressor
  • image size compressor
  • WordPress image optimizer
  • online image compression

What is the alt text for using more than one image?

An article must have more than one image. It is better to use more images. The more images you use, the more likely your post will rank. But do I use the same alter tags in all images? This question is very important for article writing tips. Of course not. We will not use the same type of altering tag. However, we will use focus keywords similar to alter tags. That is, we will use alter tags of similar keywords without using the same alter tag.

Use content heading:

You must use headings in the article. Headings are subtitles. Use headings before writing important. Also, the headings will help to shorten your paragraph. Because we don’t have the patience to read big paragraphs. That’s why if you divide your entire paragraph or post into pieces, that is, add headings, then readers will be able to read your post very easily. It will also help you to write SEO articles.

No Copywriting:

There are two disadvantages to writing a copyrighted article. The first is that there will be problems with your post indexing. The second is that your post will not appear in the Google search rankings. So try not to write copyrighted posts. Try to research and write articles. No copywriting is the best article writing tips for you.

Use tables in articles:

Here are some tips to help you write an SEO article. Such as SEO images, article videos, etc. Similarly, when writing an article, try to use the table.

Article Grammar:

Use proper usage grammar in the article. If the article we are writing has grammatical errors, then that post will not appear in the Google search rank. For this, check the grammar well. If your sentence is incorrect, Google will not forward your post. So when writing, you must pay attention to grammar.

Is it possible to write articles and earn money?

Of course, write articles and earn money. It is possible to earn money by writing content. You will find many websites to earn money by writing online. There is an online content writing job. If you have a mobile, laptop, or computer, you can earn money by writing content at home. You will also find various online marketplaces, from which you can earn money by writing through freelancing. Also, various online media including different news media can hire you, if you can write well. This means that writing can be the first online income in your online world.

Hope you understand the article writing tips very well. If you read the article well, you should not have any problem with article writing. I hope you already understand how to write an “SEO article”. The article is very helpful for “Article Writing Tips for Students” and “Article Writing Tips for Beginners”. You can let us know if you need to know more.

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