Arsenic pollution paragraph for hsc, ssc, jsc and all

Arsenic pollution paragraph for hsc: Drinking arsenic-contaminated water is harmful to health. As a result, many people die of various diseases every year. So we all need to know about the disadvantages of arsenic. That’s why today we have provided you with the arsenic pollution paragraph for class 8.

Arsenic pollution paragraph for class 8 & others

Arsenic is one of the major problems in Bangladesh. Arsenic problem refers to the excessive amount of arsenic in the drinking water in different regions, which is very harmful to health. Arsenic is a type of chemical element. There is a small amount of arsenic in the water. But when that amount becomes more than normal, it is a loss to health. There are many types of diseases. According to the World Health Organization, if there is 10 micrograms of arsenic in one liter of water, then that water is considered as contaminated water. But there are about 50 micrograms in Bangladesh. So the water of Bangladesh is very much arsenic. For this reason, every year various people are affected by arsenic-related diseases. Many people are suffering from various diseases including skin cancer.

The presence of arsenic was first discovered in Bangladesh in 1993. In 1993, the presence of arsenic was found in the ground water at Baragarhia Union in Chapainawabganj district. Drinking water containing arsenic increases the risk of death. The risk of death depends on how long a person has been drinking arsenic-containing water and the amount of arsenic in that water. Every year, the number of people who die in arsenic-containing areas has been tested and it has been found that they all drank water containing arsenic. If they did not drink water containing arsenic, their mortality rate would have come down. Also, drinking water containing arsenic can lead to cancer, heart disease, diabetes. Also, people who drink water containing arsenic can have cancer in the skin, liver, lungs, heart, kidneys, etc.

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Drinking water containing arsenic can lead to various diseases of the hands and feet. The amount of arsenic in the water increases due to various reasons. The excessive use of pesticides, fertilizers, etc., factory waste, rural electrification board poles, etc., increase the amount of arsenic. Millions of people die every year in the world as a result of drinking water containing arsenic. There is a need to take initiatives from the public and private side to reduce the amount of arsenic. You must check the water before drinking it. Water from arsenic-containing tube wells cannot be used for drinking and cooking purposes. If arsenic-free water is not available, then mix half a teaspoon of fitkari in a tap of water from the pond or river and leave it for 2-3 hours. In this way, the water should be cleaned in a natural or artificial way.

Hopefully as soon as we read the arsenic pollution paragraph for hsc we have learned about the disadvantages of arsenic. We will try to drink arsenic free water ourselves and encourage others. Hope you all got the idea about today’s arsenic pollution paragraph for ssc.

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