Aim in life paragraph for hsc, ssc, 8, 7, 6 with pdf

Today we will know aim in life paragraph for hsc. The aim in life paragraph for class 9 will help us to fix our life goals and objectives. So I request you to read my aim in life paragraph for class 10 seriously.

Aim in life

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1. Aim in life paragraph for ssc & all

There is a need for an aim in life to make life worthwhile and beautiful. A life without an aim in life is like a boat without purpose. We all need to set a goal at the beginning of our lives. It is possible to achieve the desired success in life by moving forward with the goal of labor, dedication, and perseverance. 

I have an aim in life. My aim in life is to be a doctor. There are many reasons for me to become a doctor. The need for doctors in society is immense. Most of the people of our country live in rural areas. But in rural areas, the number of doctors is very low. Because of this, many people are dying without treatment. On the other hand, the cost of receiving treatment in our country is high. Because of this, much middle class and poor families cannot afford proper and quality treatment. That’s why they don’t get rid of the disease. Most people in rural areas have no idea about health regulations. They harm their own health by being subjected to superstition at various times.

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 Many people are dying without treatment in our country. Many people are also dying from the wrong treatment. The reason for this is that the right quality doctors are not produced. Quality doctors don’t want treatment in the village. So I will try to become a doctor and serve the people of the village.  We will provide free medical care to those who are middle class and poor families. That’s why my aim in life is to become a doctor.

2. My Aim in life paragraph for class 8 & all

Everyone needs to have an aim in life. You need a plan. According to that plan, steps can be taken ahead. If you don’t have an aim in life, you won’t be successful. I have plans in my life too. My aim in life is to be a teacher.

Teaching is a great profession. It is possible, to be honest in this profession. It is said that teachers are the foundation of a nation. Those who are the future of the future, are taught by the teachers. If teachers teach children knowledge properly, children can work for the country. Teachers can give a child the right knowledge. You can grow properly. Teachers help to build a corruption-free society. It helps to take the country forward. There are many reasons why my aim in life is teaching. Good teachers are not available, especially in rural areas. Because of this, the children of the village are lagging behind in terms of education. But most of the people in a country live in villages. So I will teach in the village after becoming a teacher so that the children of the village can also contribute to the development of the country. 

Aim in life paragraph pdf is: here

On the other hand, at present, moral degradation has reached its peak. As a result, a country can never progress. Because if there is moral degradation, it is not impossible to do corruption and dishonesty. But it is the responsibility of the school to provide moral education for the family. That is the teachers of the school. So I want to become a teacher and give moral education to children. A country cannot reach advanced peaks by studying only in textbooks. It requires moral education, common sense, present intelligence, etc. I will try to teach some of these students.

Hope you all understand aim in life paragraph for class 6. From now on you will be able to set goals for your life and work accordingly. Let us know in the comments about aim in life paragraph class 7.

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