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A rainy day paragraph: Today we will know about a rainy day paragraph. Paragraph a rainy day will help you understand the beauty of rain. This paragraph will cover a rainy day paragraph for class 6, a rainy day paragraph for class 10, a rainy day paragraph for ssc etc.

paragraph a rainy day

1. A rainy day paragraph

The rain itself reveals its beauty. After the scorching summer, let nature come to life at the touch of the monsoon. The fields are covered with water. The river is full. There is a wave of joy in the middle boat. His flock is crazy. Nature is dressed as a bride. On a rainy day, it has been raining since morning. As if there is no break. I can’t see the light of the sun. The sun is covered in clouds. I don’t want to wake up in the morning at this time. The birds are also silent. Nature is cold. When you look outside, your eyes are open. It is a lot of fun to eat khichdi on a rainy day. At this time, the dust from the environment decreases. Rain is the natural way to disinfect the environment and the earth’s atmosphere. The rain not only makes our minds better, but it also improves our environment. On a rainy days, people go out less. But those who go to school, come out with umbrellas.

In addition, various working people come out. There’s a lot of mud on the street. But it’s fun to take classes on a rainy day. A rainy day is very enjoyable. Sometimes the mind wants to get wet in the rain. Trees and nature find their address. I like the rain very much.

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2. Paragraph a rainy day

Different seasons bring different beauty and features to nature. As winter comes with its own beauty. The rainy season is an independent season. The beauty of rain attracts everyone. The rainy season is brimming with beauty. After the scorching heat of summer, the rain is like a cool serenity. All the sky is covered in such dark clouds, it seems that it is evening now. The trees in front of them look like someone is bathing them. Nature seems to be completely new. A new country and a new obsession with its nature. The poet is right: ‘I have not seen my eyes fall two steps out of the house, a dew point on a paddy field.

It is comfortable to lie down with a blanket on a rainy day. If the bed is next to the window, it’s even more enjoyable. It’s fun to sit by the window and enjoy the sound of rain. If there are muri and chanachur with you, then there is no talk. Wet in the rain on a rainy day is a duty. The rainwater is the cleanest. So this water can be stored. I don’t see too many people on the streets. Those who go out go out to work. Many times children fall on the streets. Because there is mud on the roads. Many people again deliberately fall down to play football on the streets and on the field. There’s a field in front of my house. When it rains, many people come there to play football. I want to play what I see, too. So the rainy day is different from other days. As the environment is cold, so is the mind.

If someone is upset, he will feel better on a rainy day. Rain is essential to keep the environment and earth’s atmosphere cool. After the heat of the summer, the farmers pray to Allah for rain. Because then rain is very much needed for the crops. So the rain isn’t just enjoyable. The rain helps us a lot.

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