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A day laborer paragraph for ssc and others-1

Those who work tirelessly every day, sweat their heads and earn money are called daily wagers. The least developed and developing countries have the highest number of daily wagers. Besides, we are all daily wagers in some way or the other.

A daily wager is a person who is hired and paid remuneration on a daily basis. However, those who are daily wagers are very strong physically. Their lives are very ordinary. He lives with his family in or around the slum. Daily wagers are usually engaged in agriculture or construction. Apart from this, they do different types of work including rickshaw pullers, van drivers, bus drivers. They have to join work early in the morning. That’s why they wake up early in the morning. After working all day, they returned home in the evening. After working all day, they get daily wages in the evening. As a result, they buy essential items at home when they return home. When he gets the money after working all day, his face is filled with joy. It was as if he hadn’t suffered all day. But sometimes daily wagers have to do risky work.

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As a result, many people die from hazardous work. Every year, thousands of daily wagers around the world die while doing hazardous work. But they don’t get a separate fee for doing risky work. They have to work even in bad weather. Since he is a daily wage laborer, if he does not work one day, he will struggle to run the family. A lot of people don’t even have to eat. People get sick. Daily wagers get sick. Then he can’t work. Then his family suffered greatly. Since his income is very small, the children of his family cannot receive proper education. Even his family doesn’t get a balanced diet. Because of this, his sons and daughters are malnourished. As a result, many diseases are easily affected. So their lives are very miserable. But it is because of the daily wagers that our society improves. It is because of their sacrifice that we see big brokers. Had it not been for the daily wage work, we would not have seen the face of civilization.

That’s why day laborers are respected. We have to remember that we could never do what they do. So we will respect them. I will never look at them with disrespect. Since they are daily wagers, they are dear to God. So if we respect them, God will love us.

A day labourer paragraph for class 9 & others-2

Those who work on the basis of daily wages are called daily wagers. The number of daily wagers in our society is very high. This number is especially higher in developing countries. Daily wagers lead a very normal life. They work every day. They make money in exchange for work every day. So if they’re sick, they can’t work. As a result, he and his family suffered greatly. But the sad thing is that now children are also joining the day laborer’s. This is because of economic problems. In developing countries, the economy is not very good. As a result, poor families struggle to meet their basic needs. As a result, their children are taught to work from an early age. As a result, child labor increases.

They once became day labourers. Their condition doesn’t improve much. Because they earn money every day and buy daily goods with that money. If they can’t make money one day, their family suffers. So the number of daily wagers never decreases but increases. As a result, the number of child labour is increasing day by day. Daily wagers usually work in industrial construction, labourers, drivers, etc. But their suffering is untiring. They earn by putting the sweat of the head on their feet. Every one of them is in pain. Each of their money talks about suffering. That’s why they’re respectable. They have to do a lot of risky things. As a result, they don’t get any extra money. But the sad thing is that every year many workers die while doing hazardous work.

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Daily wagers are not respected properly. But if we think a little, we can see that the daily wagers are the real respect. When it rains a lot, the road becomes watery, you stand on the road for a rickshaw. If you don’t get a rickshaw, there’s no way you can go to your destination. Then you have to rely on a day laborer. You build a house, you can’t build it yourself. You have to depend on the day labor. No matter what you do, you have to rely on the daily wager. So God gave respect to the day laborers. We’ve been told to respect them. But many of us don’t respect them. But they are the real honor. People get sick. Daily wagers get sick. Then they can’t work. They can’t work in various natural disasters. At this time, they are living their lives. So we will help and respect the daily wagers as much as we can.

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